Month: August 2013

Mist on the Move

We’ve been posting about Orbit’s fantastic misting systems, Arizona Mist, all month. There’s no doubt that if you’re the type of person who spends a lot of times outdoors during the hot summer months, a nice misting system can be a refreshing retreat. If you have a covered patio, porch, or gazebo the perfect solution is a permanent misting system, but so much of our lives are on the go without a roof overhead. Not to worry, Orbit has plenty of ways for you to be active and on the move but still take the cooling power of mist with you.


10057Most people have a special spot in their yards where they like to relax. Maybe it’s in a lounge chair soaking up the sun or on a bench in a quiet corner, wherever it is, as long as your hose can reach you can cool the area with a Sidewinder, Viper, or Flex Cobra mist stand. The flexible tubing can wrap around trees, poles, chairs and more to provide instant cooling fast.


For freestanding products check out some of our more popular portable misting systems the Cobra or Telescoping Tripod Mist Stand. Just hook one up to your hose and you’re ready to go.  Enjoy cooler temperatures anywhere you can drag the hose. Make gardening, barbequing, and playing in the sun more enjoyable for everyone.


20025Finally, the Mist Bottles are great for when you don’t have access to your garden hose. They can be taken anywhere and are super easy to use. Just fill the bottle with water and enjoy the cooling effects of mist whether on the trail, watching the kids’ games, or wherever your feet may take you.

Eliminate the Frustrations of Mist

Anyone who’s ever owned a misting system has probably experienced the frustrations associated with upkeep.  The cleaning and gunk, the finger-crossing every time you start your misting system up, hoping it will work, parts being clogged, broken or lost.  All the irritation can lead many to wonder if mist is even worth owning.  Thankfully, maintenance has become much easier over the years and Orbit’s misting systems are nearly trouble free if you apply some simple preventative care.

4.3.1 mist maintenance

Perhaps the biggest complaint we hear is that of clogging.  Misting nozzles have the smallest of openings which make the water come out in a fine mist rather than a stream of water.  But these tiny openings are extremely susceptible to clogging, especially if you have hard water.  Calcium buildup clogs mist nozzles faster than anything.  Luckily there’s a solution.  The Calcium Inhibitor filter attaches easily at the water source and filters out those small particles before they enter the system.  It can filter out debris as small as 5 microns.  That’s smaller than a human hair!  And what’s more, it’s easy to install and easy to clean.

Next there is the nozzle cleaning solution, which works great on all materials to loosen particle buildup of either minerals or debris.  Simply soak the nozzles for a short time and they’re like new.  Perform this maintenance once a season and you’ll greatly extend the life of your nozzles.

And what about the end of the season?  As the weather cools and you no longer use your misting system, we recommend treating it like any other irrigation system.  Make sure there’s no water left in the tubes.  Not only will this prevent destroying the tubing in the case of freezing, but doesn’t let those pesky particles sit and encrust themselves.


Mist: Not Just Cool, Easy Too

Installing mist is easy.  It’s actually quite fun as you think about the different cooling options.  Orbit sells misting kits and individual parts for expansion. mist32

The first step to any mist system is to pick where you want to put it.  Consider areas where you spend (or would like to spend) a lot of time.  Common areas are patios, porches, decks, and balconies.  But it could really be anywhere.  Once you know where you want mist, you need to measure how much mist tubing you’ll need.  Orbit’s Arizona Mist can expand to 50 feet with no problems.  Kit’s usually come in lengths of 10-12 feet and come with hose tap connection, feeder line, auto drain valve, and misting nozzles.  You can then buy extension tubing in 10-20 foot lengths, which can easily be cut to any size.



Once you’ve purchased your misting system you’re now ready to install.  To install the tubing, use the wood hanging claps (we also make clamps that work on stucco).  The tubing should just clip in.  Next, drag the feeder tubing to your water source and use the hose end connector.

If your water pressure is low, you may need a booster pump, especially if you’re using multiple extensions.  Also, we recommend using the mist filter.  Mist nozzles have very small opening and as such are susceptible to clogging. If you life in a place with a lot of minerals in the water, such as hard water, then you’ll want to use this. Algae buildup is also a common problem and the filter will prevent this. mist3.1

Besides our kits, there are various innovative options for mist, including metal and pvc connections, as well as our patented slip-lok system which allows connections in seconds.

Don’t Just Survive Summer, Live It

mist1Many parts of the world are experiencing hot summers.  Not just typically hot, but really hot summers.  But being out in the sun is one of the best parts of summer.  Barbecues, picnics, having fun with family and friends.  And our backyards and porches are usually the epicenter of these activities.  Orbit’s Arizona Mist is the perfect way to stay cool.

Many people have experienced mist while at a theme park or sporting event.  But this same technology is possible in the average home.  It works by driving water out of small nozzles, thereby vaporizing the water.  This water dissipates, cooling the surrounding air, but everything around it stays dry.

So what sort of cooling can you expect?  Well, the results are pretty drastic (not to mention refreshing).  Most people experience temperatures up to 20°F lower with mist.

Installation is easy.  In most cases it can be done in a couple hours.  Simply connect the pieces of the kit together, attach to your deck or porch, and then hook up to your water source.  That’s it, you’re ready to go.  Expansion is also easy with any or our kits or expansion parts.

The rest of this month we’ll be showing you some of the details involved with building, installing, maintaining and, most of all, enjoying a mist cooling system in your yard.