10 Orbit Products You Didn’t Know You Wanted

We’re constantly getting ideas for new products.  Each comes from a specific problem a customer is having and, when we can’t solve with our existing product line, we go to the drawing board.  Here are ten Orbit products you didn’t know you wanted.



The Orbit Emergency Tool is smart to have around in case of a earthquake, fire, water main break or other natural disasters.  When precious seconds count, you want a tool that will stand out, day or night.  This tool is made in high visibility yellow plastic that is also glow in the dark.  It can shut off all standard gas and water mains, as well as open meter covers.  Each tool is clearly labeled, so you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for.





The Orbit Head Adjustment Tool is perfect for yards with a variety of sprinkler heads, be the pop-ups, gear drives, impact or gravity heads.  This 16-in-1 tool has just about everything you’ll need to give your sprinklers the tune up they need.






Along with the Head Adjustment Tool is the Pop-up Tool.  This simple device lifts and holds pop-up sprinklers in place so you can remove, adjust or replace nozzles, without the sprinkler stem falling back in.




54118_action2_600Some gardens have high-traffic areas which routinely result in broken sprinkler heads.  The Hard-Top sprinklers were created for just that problem.  Made of durable metal, these sprinklers are nearly indestructible to foot traffic, machinery like mowers and edgers and even vehicles.


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Orbit Catch Cups, together with our companion app wateringschedule.com, allow you to maximize efficiency and get the perfect watering schedule for your lawn.  Simply arrange the cups, run your system and record the results.  Then enter the results on the web app and it will tell you how efficient your system is and give a full, 12 month watering plan.





The Sod Cutter is great for keeping grass from blocking or clogging up your sprinkler heads, while still giving a clean look to your lawn.  Place it over the head and twist, cutting away excess grass.





If you’re garden has a lot of drip, the Punch Gun tool is great for getting perfectly sized holes without risking damage to the distribution line in the process.  Designer to work with .690-.710 distribution line, it gives you a clean hole that will then fasten a watertight connection with ¼-inch fittings.





And speaking of flower beds, the Shrub Head Manifold gives you a 2-in-1 capability to have both a shrub spray and a drip line.  Attach to any standard ½-inch riser, then equip with ¼-inch drip line and a shrub spray.



Hanging plants can really make porches and balconies pop, but they are difficult to water, often leaving a mess in the process.  But with the Orbit Flex Mist, you can have beautiful hanging plants along with the ease of an automated drip watering.  These are have an adjustable flow knob as well as flexible tubing that lets you twist them into place.




If you use a hose to do anything you know how risky it can be to your flowers when positioning the hose.  The Hose Guides protect flower beds, neatly guiding the hose along a set path.  They go into the grass with corrosion resistant zinc spikes and are made of durable plastic.